Blue Mountains

Fullscreen HD — And wear headphones for best experience.
A nature film with a mix of Go Pro shots and DSLR footage.

I’m growing quite fond of 1,000fps slow motion video because it feels more like photography to me. Essentially, I’d love to give up DSLRs, invest in a $40k Phantom/RED Camera and shoot everything at 6,000fps. Well…maybe next year. Until then, I’ll fake it by doing stuff like this.

Shot on a Go Pro HD Hero, Nikon D7000, Mostly handheld.
Directed, Produced, Edited, Shot, Graded, Mixed by PJ Accetturo
Slow motion through ‘Optical Flow’ Plug-in for FCPX
Score: ‘Soda’ & ‘The Arrival of the Birds’ by The Cinematic Orchestra

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